Making (another!) Victorian Corset with Zip-Ties

If you’ve been following my blog or Youtube Channel for a while, you might have seen my first zip-tie corset, which, alas, due to lack of sewing experience and pattern fitting, turned out more like a straight tube.

I’ve learned a lot about garment construction since then, including the strategic use of curves, so a corset holds it’s shape automatically, without heavy boning. The victorians were masters at this art, and thus, most period corsets were only lightly boned with whalebone, or even cording, relying on the pattern to give shape to the corset.

I decided to try again, and this time (hopefully) construct a proper corset. Due to budget, I ended up using zip-ties again, since the texture is nearly the same a synthetic whalebone, and MUCH cheaper. I also, for the first time, bought a proper busk, though not a spoon busk, which again, was too expensive.



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